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Our LCD Screen Refurbishing Service Prices, Latest News and Updates about the Phone, Tablet and Smartwatch LCD Refurbishing Processes and Latest updates to our offered services

The pricing for Cracked glass LCD and OLED Phone and Tablet Screen Buy back - We buy all sorts of Broken Glass but working LCDs and OLED Screens.

Our Company is currently mainly focused On LCD Refurbishing of Iphone and Ipad Screens additionally we refurbish and Buy Back Samsung Edge and Samsung Tab Screens as well as some LG and Other model phone screens

LCD Refurbishing is a process to recycle the Cracked but working LCD and OLED Phone, Tablet or other device Screens and Return the Previously broken parts back to the market, while maintaining the quality as high as possible.
So by refurbishing or recycling your Cracked LCD Screens your helping the nature as well, as they would have to go to waste in other case.

It's Quite a Complicated Process with many small details to keep in mind. Putting it simply
The Cracked Glass, Frame and any other damaged parts are removed from the damaged Screen and Replaced with New Ones, While keeping the main part the LCD Display Intact and working.

Starting in 2014 We started Bfix the LCD Refurbishing Company in UK London, with a Simple vision to Provide Refurbished Screens, Keeping the Quality of the recycled product as high as possible at an affordable price for our customers and businesses, while helping the nature at the same time. And over time we found like minded people and expanded our client circles Europe wide.

Trough years of experience we were able to work out a system to efficiently refurbish the cracked screens keeping the prices affordable and the quality which the clients enjoyed. Even though it's a never ending learning curve as new phones, tablets and other devices come out almost every week, we always strive to provide you the services you require.

Choose Refurbished - Choose Quality - Think Future - Choose Bfix.

Other Services Available - Phone Computer and Tablet Repairs , Phone and Tablet Screen & Part Supply
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